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White Dove Reiki™ 


 Although there are many forms of Reiki, White Dove Reiki™ enables the Reiki Practitioner to have assistance in the Healing and Attunement process.


While most Reiki Masters use different modalities to focus the energies during healings and attunements, White Dove Reiki™ enables the individual to have a central focal point in which to direct those energies, and transfer the collected energies into the receiver.


Within the White Dove Reiki™ course you will learn how White Dove Reiki can assist you and enable you to be more effective in your practices.

White Dove Reiki™ was given to me in the hope that Reiki Masters and Practitioners will embrace, use and pass it along to others. I sincerely hope you find White Dove™ Reiki to be of value to you and that it will assist you in your practices.


It is with our hearts, whether through love, devotion, or out of concern for others that we reach out with Reiki for the overall good of our fellow mankind.


Rev. Richard D. Kidd, DD
White Dove Reiki


You will receive one distance attunement as a White Dove Reiki Master,a manual in .pdf format and a  certificate.


 You will need to currently be a Reiki Master to receive this attunement.


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