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What is Reiki and what do I choose?


The correct way to pronounce Reiki is " ray - key".  Reiki is actually made up of two Japanese words REI meaning "Universal"or "Spiritual" and KI meaning "Energy".

Reiki is an ancient healing art that Mikao Usui rediscovered in the early nineteenth century. Reiki has been passed down from Usui ever since through a series of attunements passed on from a Reiki Teacher to student.  Reiki is a healing system that works with both the energy and chakra systems within the body.

Reiki is suitable for anyone regardless of their faith and is suitable for animals as well as humans.

There are many forms of Reiki - Usui, Tibetan, Shamballa, Elemental, Kundalini, Seichim etc etc., each having slightly different techniques and symbols although the end goal is the same.

Reiki follows these principles :


·         Just for today, I will not anger

·         Just for today, I will not worry

·         Just for today, I will do my work honestly

·         Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings

·         Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing


Reiki works on the body's natural ability to heal itself, finding it's way to where it is needed. Working on a holistic and spiritual level it releases blocked energies, encourages toxins to be discarded from the body and creating a state of balance.

Reiki is a very therapeutic treatment to receive - clients often fall asleep during the treatment and feel energised afterwards. Reiki can be used to help with lots of illnesses - depression, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, aches and pains and lack of energy.

Reiki is performed fully clothed - if you ever get asked by a Reiki Practitioner to remove anything apart from your shoes, leave as soon as you can !!!  You will lie down on a treatment table, or you can receive it sitting on a chair, and the practitioner will place his hands on or just above certain points on your body - starting over your eyes, ears, back of head and then the throat.

Moving down the positions are over the heart area, below chest, above naval, over the knees and then the feet.  You may be asked to turn over so that the back can be treated but this can depend on what is needed.  Each position is held for 3 - 5 minutes, sometimes longer if required.

A deep level of relaxation is usually reached during a Reiki treatment. Often clients will feel heat or cold from the practitioners hands, tingling in arms and legs or sometimes nothing at all.

 Sensations are different from person to person and treatment to treatment.  It is recommended to have 2 or 3 Reiki treatments over a period of say 2 to 3 weeks to gain the maximum benefit from Reiki.  Alternatively, why not learn Reiki Level 1 yourself - after this level you will be able to do treatments on yourself and also on friends and family.

Animals also respond well to Reiki.  Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Birds and Fish all accept Reiki and benefit from it. Animals tend to need a shorter treatment and will move away when they have had enough.  They soon come back for more though when they need it!!!

Plants also respond well to Reiki - anything living will benefit and Reiki can do no harm.

Reiki is a wonderful method of healing that is non intrusive and very relaxing and calming.  Try it for yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised.



So many choices!


There are so many different variations of Reiki and a lot of them are available on my site – I offer the courses that I personally feel are beneficial and also the ones that I enjoy working with. As we receive more and more attunements I feel that we build up our own personal healing “tool kit” and our own unique variation of energy flows. 


I started with Usui Reiki – Western style and learned it in person. The Master level was like coming home and I was happy to work with Usui Reiki on it’s own. I then discussed distance attunements with a friend and was a bit sceptical. I decided to receive a distance attunement to sample the energy and was amazed at how it felt. I then studied various other forms of Reiki and energy healing and was pleased with the results. I still felt something was missing and was then guided to receive the Lightarian attunements – again I felt like I was coming home and a lot changed in my life.


Although I was still content and happy working with the energy systems that I had been trained in I still had the desire to find out more! Something was still missing and I had to find it.


I was then fortunate to study with Frans Stiene (author of the Reiki Source Book) when he was on his world tour. I completed the Usui Reiki Ryoho Shinpiden class – this is the traditional branch of Usui Reiki with a non western energy lineage. At last I felt that I had found what I was looking for – the true spiritual teachings of Usui. I also studied Gendai Reiki with Tom Rigler and again felt comfortable and reassured by the traditional teachings.


People often ask me what courses to study – it is impossible to answer that question with 100% confidence that I am giving the right answer as each and everyone of us is different. If you are looking for courses that teach you the spiritual aspect of Reiki and also want to work on your own self development as well as helping others then I would recommend studying Usui Reiki Ryoho in person along with the Lightarian courses.


If you are unable to attend an inperson traditional Japanese Usui Reiki class then western Reiki classes are available everywhere and you can also study Western Usui Reiki distantly. I would still recommend the Lightarian teachings to every one as they are amazing and life changing!


Remember there is no right or wrong way to progress along your path - if you want to learn the many different variations of Reiki then this is perfectly ok to do, I did it this way and have learnt so much - I feel that no-one has the right to say to you that it is the wrong or right way. Follow your intuition and your heart and all will unfold perfectly.


So the question arises why do I teach so many variations of Reiki if I have found that Usui Reiki Ryoho gives all that I need? My answer to that is that each person is different – some people need to receive the many different forms of Reiki as part of their journey before attending an inperson Usui Reiki Ryoho class. Others may receive one or two flavours of Reiki and be happy with this. Some may just need Western Usui Reiki and nothing else. Having taken the path where I received many types of Reiki before discovering what I truly needed and wanted I feel qualified to help others do the same!


I also work from the heart with a genuine interest in my students and the courses that I offer have all been tried and tested by myself and have authentic and genuine energy lineages.


So whether you take the motorway or the slower back streets we all ultimately arrive at the same destination – giving students the choice of journeys I feel is the best option.





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