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The Universal Rays



The Universal Rays are a series of seven attunements that correspond to the Chakra System.


Each ray is brought forth by an ascended master who serves as a guardian of the higher lesson of that realm.


This system was channeled by Dawn Rothwell, founder of Reiki Rays Institute.


The Universal Rays are not a system of religion, nor are they a healing system like Reiki. While we utilize the chakras and aura, it is not chakra or aura therapy.


Instead the rays serve as a self-transformational series which when completed will propel the client further along his or her spiritual path.



The Seven Realm Rays are:


Root Chakra ** One Place** Master Hilarion


Sacral Chakra ** One Being ** Mother Mary


Solar Plexus Chakra ** One Self ** Serapis Bey


Heart Chakra ** One Heart ** Quan Yin


Throat Chakra ** One Voice ** El Moyra


Brow Chakra ** One Vision ** Saint Germain


Crown Chakra ** One Spirit ** Melchizedek



You will receive seven attunements, a certificate and a manual sent by email.


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