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Phoenix Rising


This is a beautiful high energy reiki that works to transform negative energies.


It works to help you release negative thought patterns and rise above your problems.


The Phoenix Rising Reiki is a healing energy that can be used to heal yourself, animals, plants, and situations. By using the symbol you can begin to transform your life.


One thing that was discovered in passing this attunement to others, was that it can bring totem animals and you may see them around you, even if you do not know what animals you have as Animal Spirit Guides. When this happens you can begin to get to know your totem animal guide.


The Phoenix Rising Reiki opens the heart chakra and you most likely will feel overwhelming universal love during the attunement. As you release the negative thought forms, your situation will begin to improve.


The more you work with the energies, the stronger it gets, and the better the results.


You will be able to use the Phoenix Rising Reiki to help and heal yourself and others, and you will be able to attune others should you decide to do so.


You will receive an emailed manual, one distance attunement and a certificate.


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