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Light of Forgiveness Reiki

This is without a doubt one of the most powerful attunements you may receive. Why? Because we all have areas of our heart that could be open more to forgiving. We often think of forgiving major slights, such as someone cheating on us or betraying us. But how about the little annoyances that accumulate throughout the day? Do you forgive the distracted driver talking on the cellphone? How about the rude bank teller? Now let's take it further - can you forgive a drunk driver who has hurt someone? How about a murderer? The list goes on.

This attunement provides a powerful blast of healing "forgiveness" energy. It is designed to clear out old resentments, anger, hurt, and pain. It will help you let go of annoyances and things that bother you about other people. Along with this, you will feel lighter, clearer, and happier.

Even if you think you are a forgiving person, I invite you to take this attunement and see how much stuff you let go that you did not realize you were carrying. This attunement is very powerful and I would recommend it to everyone!

By receiving this attunement you will also be able to direct the Light of Forgiveness to your clients and also attune to your students to the energy.

You will receive an attunement and PDF manual and PDF emailed certificate.


This course is available to Reiki Masters.



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