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Life Path Reiki I and II


Life Path Reiki is a powerful Reiki system that works with the energetic system to help support you in following your life path. If you or any of your clients are struggling with career, worrying about money, not sure what to do in life, or otherwise not living a life of abundance, then Life Path Reiki can help.

This is a wonderful system to help clear out any obstacles that might be blocking you in following your life purpose. It can activate some magic in your life, if you let it. The attunements alone will help make a shift. As a Life Path Reiki practitioner, you will also learn tools to help your clients.

Life Path Reiki Level I - Spiritual Alignment

Level I works on aligning the energies to create a clear vessel to express the soul's true life path. The Level I attunement comes with a 19-page manual and emailed pdf certificate.

Level II assists in broadcasting the life path vision out to the world. The Level II attunement comes with a 16-page manual and emailed certificate.

This course is open to Reiki Masters.


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