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By the time you have reached the path to Ki Manna, you will have released a lot of old beliefs and have grown in self and in spirit.

You are now ready to remove the veil and live in truth. There is no judgment here; all are not called to this at this time, but for those that are, Ki Manna is an amazing energy system to work with, for yourself and others.

 Ki Manna is all about mastery of self and the divine power you have as a being of light.

 You are a Master. It is time to step into your Knowing of this fact.

You have mastered this plane, and are now ready to accept all the personal power that is within you.

You are the power, the essence and the wisdom. Ki Manna recognizes your power as a healer, teacher and spiritual soul. You will work with so many guides. Let’s call them friends and our support team!

You will have faced many lessons in your own personal life as the bricks and mortar of your self-made lifeless structures have fallen off, to reveal the beautiful gardens, lakes and flowers that were hidden in your soul.


If these words resonate with you, you are ready to receive Ki Manna energy!


Not only do you work healing on this level but you also work with other levels, planets, beings and dimensions, as you are a multidimensional being co-existing simultaneously in multiple realities, worlds, dimensions....

 Ki Manna has the power to increase your Light body, (meaning, making you pure spirit or energy on earth, other planes and planets and focus healing and awakening).

It also is able to chase scattered parts of souls that are lost (fragments, extensions), and bring them back to aid in healing totally, multidimensionally.

 You will receive one distance attunement, an emailed manual and a  certificate .

 You will need to be a Reiki Master to receive this course.

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