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This system was developed and founded by Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master James J. Purner. The Golden Triangle is a special spiritual technique that can be used in a number of different ways. Once you have been attuned to this Egyptian energy system, you can use it to heal yourself or others by activating this energy.

The Golden Triangle can be used for distant healing work, in-person healing work, by itself or in conjunction with other energy healing systems such as Reiki, Karuna Ki and Seichim.

After you have practised regularly and have adjusted to using the Golden Triangle healing energy, it can also be used to help increase your mental and telepathic abilities by the stimulating effect it has on the area of the third eye. Some people notice this effect more than others. Everyone is different!


You will receive one attunement, an emailed manual and a certificate.

You do not need to be a Reiki Master to be attuned to this system of healing.

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