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Reiki vs. Full Spectrum Healing

Full Spectrum Healing (FSH) consists of all frequencies and is therefore able to heal on all levels. Reiki will "only" reach the green spectre (Green Ray). Imagine a rainbow: The green area is Reiki and the whole rainbow is Full Spectrum Healing. Therefore, where Reiki sometimes fail to heal, FSH will have a much higher success rate! Will also raise the success level for self-healing.

Tachyon vs. Full Spectrum Healing

Tachyon is the source of all frequencies. FSH is all frequencies. This makes FSH much more direct and targeted than Tachyon.

Prerequisite: Reiki 1 or Kundalini Reiki 1.

In this course, you will:

Learn a method to clear your past

Find out how to make your healings more powerful


Use distance healing


Work with the Full Spectrum Angels


Receive 3 attunements


Learn how to pass them on

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You will receive a brief set of course notes (one page), 3 attunements and a  certificate.


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