The Bronze Reiki Package

From the One Healing Academy
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Fairy Light RayKey is a form of energy inspired by the fairies. It is not
traditional reiki but it can be used in a very similar manner.


This energy is here to assist oneself in lightening up. The fairies believe that the source for much
illness and dis-ease is that simply humans take things way too seriously! So
with Fairy Light RayKey this will help you to lighten up your life.


It can be used for self-treatment or on others. It is also a great tool to use in manifesting and it
brings out the souls natural capacity for fun, joy and happiness.


If you are feeling gloomy or depressed or maybe working too hard or trying too hard then
this is a GREAT energy for you!

If you are a healer and work with people that need this sort of energy then this
can be a very useful tool to add to the other form of Reiki or healing modality
that you use.


You will receive one attunement, a short pdf manual and a certificate


You will need to be a Reiki master to receive this course.

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