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Consultation Forms


Reiki Consultation Form and Treatment Record Form


This item is invaluable for any Reiki Practitioner and is perfect for keeping a record of an initial client consultation prior to giving a Reiki Treatment and details of the Reiki Treatment.


You will receive 2 files by instant download in  pdf  format to enable you to print out both a Reiki Consultation Form and a Treatment Record Form.


Each form is double sided with plenty of space to record information.


Consultation Form – enables you to record the following –


–        Client/Practitioner names

–        Address

–        Telephone Numbers

–        Date of Birth and Occupation.

–        Reasons for client coming for a treatment and details of current and previous health.

–        Current medication

–        Treatment being received from another practitioner

–        Details of client’s lifestyle and habits

–        Treatment plan and advice

–        Client and practitioner signatures and acceptance to receive treatment.


This is a 2 page pdf file and you will be able to print each page on two different sides of A4 card or paper to have a double sided form.



Treatment Record – enables you to record the following –


–        Name of Client and Practitioner

–        Date of treatment

–        Summary of Reiki treatment given

–        Observations during treatment

–        Client Feedback

–        Advice given to client

–        Follow up appointment details

–        Amount charged and payment details.


This form is the same on both sides and you will be able to record two treatment sessions on one piece of A4 card or paper if you print the same page on both sides.











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