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Chakra Healing Attunements


The Chakra Healing Attunements work to cleanse and heal the chakras from old issues and negative energies that are being held there. A healing attunement is like a super-charged healing session and is an extremely powerful way to make changes in your life quickly. If you are not used to running energy then it is recommended to receive one attunement at a time.


With any attunement process, you may experience a clearing following the attunement. This could include physical detox (getting a cold, etc.) or emotional release (experiencing some emotional turmoil following the attunement). Please know that any clearing processes are temporary and will ease as your energy adjusts to the new level. 


First Chakra: Root (base of spine)

Basic physical survival, money, career, home, foundation, grounding. This attunement helps with: money issues, physical health, focus and concentration, depression, career issues.

Second Chakra: Sacral (lower abdomen)

Emotions and sexuality. This attunement helps with: issues with sexuality (past abuse, impotence, fridigity, orientation), deep emotional blockages (especially for men), addictions, female problems (cysts, menstrual pain, fertility).


Third Chakra: Solar Plexus (upper abdomen)

Personal power, boundaries, protection. This attunement helps with: fear, emotional blockages, setting boundaries with people, learning how to say no, feeling confident about yourself in the world.


Fourth Chakra: Heart (centre of chest)

Ability to give and receive love. This attunement helps with: healing heart wounds, opening up to new love, attracting a soul mate, being unconditionally loving.


Fifth Chakra: Throat (throat area)

Our “voice,” both literally and figuratively. This attunement helps with: creativity, writing, singing, the arts, speaking up for oneself, receiving and channeling divine information, ear, nose and throat.


Sixth Chakra: Third Eye (middle of forehead)

The third eye is our centre of intuition and psychic ability. This attunement helps with: improving intuition and psychic abilities, seeing clearly (being able to perceive and accept what's going on in our lives), spiritual insight.


Seventh Chakra: Crown (top of head)

This chakra is our connection to the divine. This attunement helps with: connection to spirit guides and angels, connection with God, life purpose, universal love, Christ consciousness.


Chakra Healing Attunements Manual and Certificate

This is a manual for Reiki Masters who wish to send Chakra Healing Attunements to others. It is not meant as a course on chakra theory, but the manual does cover how to read the chakras in addition to instructions on sending the attunements.


You will also receive a certificate as a "Chakra Healing Attunement Master."


Please note: You must receive all the attunements above prior to receiving your certificate.


You will need to be a Reiki master to receive this course


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