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Attraction Reiki


Attraction Reiki is a new system that opens your energy field to strengthen your aura and make you a magnet to whatever you want in life – money, love, opportunities and much more.


There are three levels to this system with 3 symbols in each level ~


Level one works on Belief and you will look at what it means to believe and how our beliefs affect our reality


Level two works with Intention – you will become clearer on what your intention is and is a vital step in the manifestation process


Level three works with Attraction – you will take what you have learned in the two previous levels and integrate it into your attraction strategy.


Each level gives three symbols to activate the Reiki energy – these symbols correspond with mind, body and soul.


You will receive three pdf manuals by email, 3 attunements and a certificate.


You will need to be a Reiki Master to receive Attraction Reiki.


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