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 The Angel Omniel Empowerment

The Angel Omniel , believed to be an Archangel by many people, works with Oneness and the ability to be at one with ourselves and everything around us.


When we are truly at One with ourselves and everything in our lives we can exist in a more harmonious manner. Conflict and dissatisfaction will blend into the background and we can completely follow our life purpose here on earth.


Many Reiki workers talk about distance healing and distance attunements. This distance could be a matter of inches, feet or many thousands of miles. We create the distance in our perception but if we work with the concept that we are all One then there can be no distance. 


This empowerment will help each and every one of us to become closer to the goal of being at One with everything. When we are at this stage there is no distance or separation.


You will receive one distance attunement and a short pdf manual - the attunement and notes are available to you immediately after payment!


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